Tuesday, October 16, 2007

7 Important Time Management Activities for High School Students

Creating a time management is kind of like just the same as setting a budget. Just as the aim of a budget is to place an organization on your money, your aim in time management is to recover the management of your time.

To most people, time is money. Businesses have known this for so long. The more time you spend on a certain task, the more money will be spent or charged depending on the business.

Businesses do not like the idea to compensate employees who waste their time in unimportant matters. They give importance to people that can present the job done in an appropriate time and manner.

In schools, you are requested to do more tasks, frequently by different teachers or supervisors who do not care about the other tasks that you are doing. It only depends to you on how you will manage all your works in order for you to finish them on the time provided to you.

Perhaps, you would also want to some time to enjoy your being youth and lead a fulfilling and complete life.

Here are some tips in which you can use in order for you to beat all of your deadlines and have a systematized and well managed time table.

1. For the next week, have a printed record of all your activities. Put in your record the time you will appropriate for each activity, what are the types of activity that you should do and how long you usually take to get them done. Arrange all these data in any manner you desire, but ensure you put all of your available time to be budgeted. You should also make sure to put in your record the time when you are not busy or doing anything.

2. Study how you will organize your time. Then, try to think of the following:

• What have you observed it?
• Have you completed all the task given to you before or on the deadlines. For instance, have you already finished your homework?
• Were you able to attend other things that you like aside from your obligations at school?
• Were you able to do all your duties at home?
• Do you still have time for your friends?
• What are the things that you like to do but have no time at all to do it?

Once, you have answered the above questions, try to think of the ways on how you can make your time management more effective.

3. Try to look for more information on the internet. There are many search engines that can help you improve your time organization.

4. Select or plan your own table to utilize to put a schedule for yourself for the whole week. Be sure that you spare some time for leisure and work. Be sensible in your anticipations. Try your schedule for one whole week, have a precise documentation of each activity.

5. Let your classmates know about your timetable. If they too have a timetable, evaluate the differences of your table if possible. Try to know the good sides of each table and know how the schedules work.

6. Change is the only thing in a person’s life that is permanent. What you used to do during your spare time may not be the same thing that you will do in six months or a year from now. If you have a winter game that you are joining in, you know that when the winter ends, your schedule will definitely change.

If you are engaged in a school activity or any theatrical presentation, it is expected that you will be busier before the performance date than you are at the start of the rehearsals.

Take a look at the big picture before doing anything else. What do you think will your schedule for the following year look like? Choose the dates on that schedule and conjure a calendar that you can follow.

7. Make a timetable for the next five weeks. Make sure to put any alterations you expect due to your leisure activities and other events that have seasons and peak times. Utilize the schedule and be ready to do remarks on it when the five weeks is over.

How was it? Do not be negative in going back and ensure that the resources are scheduled or look beyond for other resources.

For high school students, it is always expected that they will have a busy time for studies and for playtime. However, no matter how hectic the schedule may be, it is still important that one have an appropriate time management in order to have a direction.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Time Management Tips for a College Student

If you have problems on deadlines and commitments or sometimes you wish for a twenty-fifth hour in a day or for an eighth day in a week, then do not worry because you are not alone. However, you can still do something on that most valuable resource which is Time.

You can never regain time once you lost it. In order to develop and advance in your personal life, you should wise in using your time. By the time you get old you could always go back and reminisce about your beautiful memories and activities. Always bear in mind that a well-spent time is more valuable than gold. Time management is a very vital instrument that can help you in achieving success in school, job and other personal undertakings.

Normally, what comes to our mind when we speak about time management? Maybe, the executive who is so busy or owners of small business who are stressed out. Or a soccer mom who has a van filled with kids. It is somewhat possible that all of these will come to your mind. Nonetheless, have you taken into consideration that a college student will fall into this group? It is indeed true. A college student is not exempted from such situation.

Let us consider the lifestyle of a typical college student. A college student is still very young in mind and heart, enjoys a social life which is so challenging, still learning the ins and outs of business ccomplishment. As a college student you are supposed to manage your schedule properly, attend classes, study the lessons, do your homework, and perhaps perform a part time job, an active participation in extra curricular activities. A college student will always find time to be with friends, and family.

With all these responsibilities, the college student will find it difficult to manage especially at a young age. Balancing the rigid schedule will be impossible for a college student to do it. Remember that if a college student will have inappropriate time management, then it will have lasting effects as shown by the failure of grades. Hence, the necessity of time management.

Actually, time can not be managed. You can not slow down the time nor to make it faster or produce it. Man exists in time and space. Time management is when you are able to manage your self by making use of the its basic principles. Self management will make time not as an opponent, but as a friend.

There are some benefits you could gain from time management. First, you will be able to have more accomplishments. Second, you will be able live an ordered life. Third, there will be more extra time. Fourth, you will be able to meet deadlines. Fifth, procrastination will be overcome. Sixth, the reduction of stress.

Although, time management is a common necessity, this is one of the features wherein we do not have a standard which will be applied for everybody. The time management for a student in college is very much different from the time management for a worker in the office, soccer mom, or an owner of a business.

The primary element for the success of a college career is surely a good quality of time management. It is very basic for you as a college student to be wise in making schedules and how to manage the time.

Say for example, you fail to meet deadlines and important appointments. There will lead to conflicts and complications to your social and academic endeavors. Of course, you will experience more frustrations, guilt, anxieties and other horrible feelings.

It is necessary for you to have a clearer idea on how you spend your time, before you manage your time. There are several time management tips for a college student.

· Follow strictly your daily plan, whatever your new schedule will turn into a habit.

· You should plan in order that your schedule will be organized.

· There should be proper listing of your short and long term goals.

· Take into account the best time for you to be more productive.

· You should study first the more difficult subjects.

· In order to maximize your effective performance, you should combine activities.

· Spare time must be used properly.

· Be true to yourself and allot some time to talk with yourself.

· Make it a habit to say no, when you are supposed to say NO to somebody.

· Avoid being a perfectionist

· You should know how to do away with distractions and interruptions

· There is always a time for everything.

· Avoid the habit o postponing things which can bed done now.

· In everything you do, you should be properly organized.

· Be calm always.

· Be a fast reader and selective.

· Develop the habit of questioning everything that is included in your list to do.

· Make use of a calendar for your schedule.